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There's nothing better than sharing what little I do have with people who need it. 

I remember a story I heard from earlier in the year, a kid was walking along the beach, picking up starfishes and throwing them back into the ocean when an old man asked him why he did that. He said tons of starfishes washed up on that beach every day so it basically didn't matter how many he saves because there will always be more. Then the kid picked up another starfish and threw it into the ocean and turned to the guy and said "It mattered to that one."

(Love you Jay, even if I can't remember your story word for word I remember the meaning and I will for as long as I live  For AlaskanBlueJay and for Markiplier's stream by SoulsofTheDoomed)

Because of that story I've decided to kind of "endorsed" something called the Starfish Movement, I'm not sure if it's a thing yet or not but Markiplier and lot of his fans (Including myself) have called our donations to his charity live streams, starfish.

So I want to encourage everyone who reads this to save and give their own kinds of starfish. Whether it's as simple as making someone smile, giving them a random gift you made, or something giant like donating a lot of money to help people who really need it. Or just in general doing something good for someone else every day because it matters to them.

I personally donated $140 dollars tonight towards save the children during Mark's live stream  Spread the Starfishes by SoulsofTheDoomed  My Starfishes by SoulsofTheDoomed those donations were my starfishes for the day. Just that small amount of money, I know it's not really that small but in the bigger picture it is, just by giving the little that I had, families will be able to enjoy just a bit more time with their sick children, brothers and sisters.

That money 100% would have gone to stuff I either don't really need, or maybe some Christmas gifts. But that's the thing, I get the luxury of having a Christmas in my own home, with people I love. I don't have to worry about anything as big as these kids and their families do, they have to think that every moment together could be the last. So I decided to try to help save even just one of those kids, or at the very least make sure they get one more day where they don't have to worry. 

Nothing is more precious in this world than every day, every single breath we get and if we can make a difference in giving someone one more breath, one more day, then that's priceless. So please, at the very least for a month, for the holidays, save some starfishes who have lost their way and need a helping hand.

Don't expect anything in return but do it because you want to give them one more moment, one more smile, because it matters. Even if you don't think it does, it matters, you matter and everything you does matters so spread that fact. Spread your love and save your starfishes and let's prove that those starfishes matter regardless of how many there are. Because if we can get enough people together then maybe on one fine and beautiful day, no more starfishes will have to suffer. 

"And I feel, in this world, we can do anything." ~By Netnobody

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November 25, 2017


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