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Scarred Runnie (Closed) by SoulsofTheDoomed Scarred Runnie (Closed) by SoulsofTheDoomed
Welp since no one wanted him I'm keeping him >w>

"This Runnie appears to be scared, perhaps due to their countless battles? Either way they appear to be a proud creature and refuse to let anyone or anything near their home, but perhaps you can tame their wild and proud soul?" 

This scarred up babu is going to be an auction as they are one of my more favorite Runnie's that I've created (If no one purchases them then they're mine cause I love them XD)

SB: 90Points
MI: 10Points

In order to purchase a Runnie you don't have to be a member of  however please share any art you get of them with me so I can add it there >u<
I accept both DA points and (USD only) Paypal $1=100Points (but you have to pay the fee for paypal so please keep that in mind)

You CAN change the design SLIGHTLY once purchased. 
You CAN gift/trade/sell them but please let me know who to first! (this is required)
Tag me when first drawn, I'd love to see it <3
You CANNOT sell them for more than what you bought them for!

The biggest rule of all is that you CANNOT, claim the species or design as your own.

Runnies are a closed species owned by myself, because of this you CANNOT make any Runnies without my written permission which will ONLY be given over skype. 

Credit to TheStevieBoy for my new signature <3
Credit to Zambiemaster for the lineart and the idea of Runnies <3
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June 4, 2017
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